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Ladies and Gents, we are beyond THRILLED to debut & present to you our newest Eklectic Entertainment Exclusive:

VESERIUM: Holographic Virtual Reality Sound Sculptors

***Now available for bookings nationwide and beyond***

See this act LIVE at "The Event Experience" Showcase on Wednesday March 11th, 2020 in Las Vegas in conjunction with Catersource & The Special Event. Or stop by the Eklectic Entertainment booth on the Exhibit Show Floor!

Veserium is an electronic music duo that creates a live show like you've never experienced before. The duo uses Tone Sculptor technology to create LIVE sound from thin air using only motions and gestures. Fans experience the music on an entirely different level, being able to see and hear the sounds as they are being created. Using their technology, Veserium is breathing a human element into EDM and pioneering a distinctly expressive sound filled with aggressive basslines and virtuosic melodies.

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