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A Fabulous St. Petersburg Wedding with our Exclusive Paradigm Party Band!

When we launched Paradigm Party Band, we knew it would be a hit, but the growth of this exclusive Eklectic Entertainment band has took the corporate event market by surprise. Now Paradigm Party Band is making a big name for itself in the wedding market. Wedding clients are raving about Paradigm's performances and professionalism. In one client's own words:

"Thank you again for making our special day that much better!!!..The band always sounds so incredible and has just an absolutely amazing stage presence. I also want to thank you for being the most professional and most organized of anyone we dealt with the entire weekend! Everyone at the wedding said Paradigm is the best band they have EVER seen at a wedding." Craig and Liz Rolla - Soranno-Rolla Wedding at The Vinoy Renaissance Resort, St. Petersburg, FL

We want to YOU Craig and Liz for choosing Paradigm Party Band and Eklectic Entertainment - we LOVE weddings! Call us at 419-357-2764 or 904-955-6725 to book your wedding or special event with us!

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